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…if they walked in.


Not sure how my thoughts jumped on this train tonight. However, it did and here I am.

I wore my People of the Second Chance tee shirt recently when someone asked me, “What does that mean?” and I tried to explain using words like “radical grace” and “forgiveness” and I was almost balked at. Like what I had said didn’t make an impact. Well, it didn’t because the person I spoke to didn’t quite understand the true feeling of forgiveness. If I was honest, neither did I.

Then someone posted on Twitter (or I read it somewhere or heard it on the radio): If the person you say you’ve forgiven walks into the room, can you show them love? If the answer is no, you have not forgiven them.

If your ex walked into the room right now, could you show or, at minimum, have love in your heart for them?

Not for what they’ve done.

Not for what they haven’t done.

For them.

Can you?

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