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What are your rights?

Tonight’s random post has been inspired by a message heard from Pete Wilson at Cross Point Church in Nashville.

So many custody or divorce proceedings are littered with bitter and hateful words, actions and ammo.

I use the word ammo because so many hurt people are trying to hurt the other person at the same level as they feel hurt.

There has to be an end point though, an end game where we make a CHOICE to deal with our hurt in a healthy and positive way without trying to harm that other person. We have to choose to forgive.

Now, forgiveness doesn’t mean reconciliation. However, what it does mean is that you release the right to hurt them back. Hurting them won’t change the pain that we carry from the harm they inflicted upon us. Forgiveness will. Hurting them won’t make them “see the light”. Forgiveness will.

There are some pains out there that I could never imagine and many that I could. I am also a far far cry from perfect when it comes to forgiveness. However hearing the words of a message tonight on forgiveness has caused me to do a temperature check on where my heart is for the hurt I am carrying.

Have I forgiven…truly, or am I just saving up to hurt them back? What about you?

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