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EX +1 = Enemy

Actually, he/she isn’t. It feels like it though, doesn’t it?

I can’t tell you how many times I just wished they would go away because it completely felt like their only purpose in life was to bug me and make me crazy. Ultimately, I would assume that they felt (eeks-feel!) the same way.

I live in a situation now where Hubs’ ex really doesn’t like me and hasn’t since he and I started dating. I, in all honesty, have done nothing to provoke this unwarranted hatred. She just hates me. (Or at least, that’s how she makes it seem.) I don’t know her history that would lead her to this conclusion about me but looking at the situation from her eyes I could see how it could happen. I’m not even the EX! However, worse than the EX sometimes is the EX’s new spouse!

When my step-mother moved in, she began to do things with and for my dad. Mostly revamping the house (and my dad!). We lived in a old home that was built in the 50’s and I am pretty sure it still had the same carpeting and appliances. She came in, changed it all up and my mother was LIVID when I told her.

“Don’t tell me about this stuff because your dad never did it for me!”

Now her fiery words weren’t directed at me, it was an overflow of hurt from the now defunct marriage and past hurts she carries.

I’ve talked to several “new-wives” and they have said the same thing. One friends said, “All I did was call to ask what the kids clothing sizes were and she was so rude!”.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is it, for you, that make the EX and their new spouse the enemy? Do you feel like they are trying to take over YOUR place?