Sidebar Discussion: Amazing EX-amples!

My absence will be explained in another post. I appreciate your patience.

Five minutes of watching Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County has cured me from watching any of these “Real” shows. However, all is not lost. I did learn some fantastic tips from these ladies in a rerun episode from season four.

If my daughter is wearing a dress from my closet and her 15-year old boyfriend says she looks like a stripper, I probably do too!

If I am within 5 years of my step-son’s age, prancing around the house in skimpy clothes is irresponsible!

If my ex-husband is my “best friend” but my current husband isn’t, maybe I should seek out marriage counseling.

If I am going to an event WITHOUT my husband then “hot” should not be the top priority of my wardrobe choices.

If my CURRENT spouse is not comfortable with my EX-spouse, then I should honor him by NOT hanging out with him.

What do you think of these “reality” shows? I’m not really one of those we need to sign a petition to get shows off the air. However are you watching them? Are you letting your kids watch them?

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