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Merry Ex-mas from Ex Factors

Christmas, I believe, more than Valentine’s day is a lonely holiday for those living a single life. Every commercial is filled with family, love, gift exchanging and worst of all – happiness. It’s a real kick in the gut if you’re not very happy with your circumstances, are dividing your assets or arguing over who gets the children at what time. Add in grandparents who also want to see children and it’s a regular powder keg where I used to pray for it to just be over. I felt so alone. Waking up on Christmas morning to a silent house and empty tree was painful each year. It just seemed like a full day of reminders that my relationship had failed and I longed for days where I didn’t feel like that.

Here is something that I have mentioned before:

I am still a whole person without that other person.

The commercials with the happy couples don’t define who I am. I am not less because I have less people in my home. Merry Christmas my Ex-Factor friends. I pray that this holiday, no matter what you celebrate, is drama-free and peaceful.

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Sidebar Discussion: Amazing EX-amples!

My absence will be explained in another post. I appreciate your patience.

Five minutes of watching Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County has cured me from watching any of these “Real” shows. However, all is not lost. I did learn some fantastic tips from these ladies in a rerun episode from season four.

If my daughter is wearing a dress from my closet and her 15-year old boyfriend says she looks like a stripper, I probably do too!

If I am within 5 years of my step-son’s age, prancing around the house in skimpy clothes is irresponsible!

If my ex-husband is my “best friend” but my current husband isn’t, maybe I should seek out marriage counseling.

If I am going to an event WITHOUT my husband then “hot” should not be the top priority of my wardrobe choices.

If my CURRENT spouse is not comfortable with my EX-spouse, then I should honor him by NOT hanging out with him.

What do you think of these “reality” shows? I’m not really one of those we need to sign a petition to get shows off the air. However are you watching them? Are you letting your kids watch them?