D.U.C.K. the E.X.

I used to have d.u.c.k. up on my desk at work. I’d get lots of inquiries on what it was and why it was up on my desk. Well, first let me say that I’ve had a conversation this week and now have read a blog about that saying people like to use “Well, that’s the way it’s always been done.”

I hate change. I really do and God finds every opportunity he can to make me change… man! But I think no matter where I am I can get stuck in these ruts of not-changing, not-growing and not taking a risk. People have lots of great ideas on how to make things better, faster and more efficient… including my EX. However, am I letting him speak? Am I so comfortable in “the way” (my way) that I shoot him down? That’s where the d.u.c.k. – We have to be careful on what we say when someone is giving us a good idea (or a bad idea). D.u.c.k. is Don’t Use Conversation Killers.

How many times, in a conversation with your EX, you come up with an idea and they immediately says, “That’s crap” or “That’ll never work.” or “We can’t do that”. You’ve been shot down, dismissed and sometimes really disrespected.

Then flip that around – how many times are you the killer?

In your conversation, if your EX comes up with an idea – good, bad or ugly;


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