Being a Christian Ex

I wonder sometimes what people think of me from the outside of my own head. Not in some narcissistic line of thinking but do I portray what I think I am portraying in my head? I may think that I’m being nice when I’m actually being condescending. I may think I am fighting the good fight but all I may be doing is losing focus on the big picture.

I’ve read on different blogs, tweets, whatnots about people and their interactions with “Christians”. Why use the quotes? Because that’s how their tone is. Like if they weren’t a Christian, it would be ok to be a jerk or whatever they were complaining about. I think it’s this skewed perspective on what we really are as Christians.

We’re not perfect we’re Imperfect.

I am 100% flawed. Really, ask anyone (even my EX!). Now, that imperfection doesn’t ever give me the right to fall back on stupidity. God gave me discernment for a reason. I don’t need to act like a jerk – my attitude is my choice whether I am “Christian” or not.

Should I know better? I think that’s really what people are trying to get to when they point out “Oh, and supposedly they are a Christian”. Yes, I should know better. I am given a instruction book for life in the Bible. Do I give in to my human emotions and act rashly or harshly? Yep, I do.

My point here is this: Yeah, I’m a Christ follower. I strive to be more like Him daily. Daily I falter and daily I learn more and more about who I am with Him in me. My conviction increases for those things that I am shown need to change. It just doesn’t happen overnight.

I’m a work in progress. What are you?

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